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  •  Latest post:  "CEEC Statement on Ukraine - April 17, 2014"


  • ERKÜ XXI Esinduskogu valimised / EANC XXI Elections. The list of 32 candidates are posted on the new webpage.  Full bios and information on how to vote will be posted in the near future.  See new MENU button "EANC 2014 Electionsfor details. 
  • DUE DATE IS APRIL 30!  EANC calls for 2014 Awards nominations. / ERKÜ ootab soovitusi 2014 auhindade määramiseks. Viimane kuupäev soovitusteks on 30. aprill.  See "EANC Activitiesfor details. 
  • The March 2014 issue of "EANC Newsletter" features information about the Estonian American National Council’s upcoming elections, an article about the Arvo Pärt Project, the latest Washington DC update from the Joint Baltic National Committee, and a recap of other important news.  If you are not on our mailing list to receive the newsletter, please send your post office mailing address to  To read this and archived issues, click on the link at the right. / Märtsi "ERKÜ Teataja" ringkiri:  Selles numbris on informatsiooni ERKÜ valimistest, artikkel Arvo Pärt projektist, JBANC’i uus ülevaade Washingtonis toimuvast, ja teised tähtsamad uudised. Kui teie ei ole meie ringkirja saajate nimekirjas, palun saatke oma postiaadress (postkontori aadress) siia:  
  • ERKÜ juhatus saatis kirja Riigikogule, piirilepingu ratifiseerimise kohta. / 
  • The EANC Board sent a letter to the Estonian Parliament, regarding the ratification of the border treaty with Russia. 
  •  See "EANC Activities", "
  • EANC members, JBANC & friends support Ukraine"
  • for details. 
  • "When was the last time you visited Estonia, and what was your most vivid impression?"  EANC invites you to share your thoughts on our discussion page, “The Estonian American Experience.” Click on the menu button above to read comments by our readers and to post your own. 
  • 2015 KLENK-IEP -- Cruising Estonian Style!  The joint KLENK (Kesk-Lääne Eesti Noorte Koondis / Midwestern Estonian Youth Association) and IEP (Idaranniku Eesti Päevad / East Coast Estonian Days) event will combine Estonian culture with sunshine, Caribbean islands, fine dining and luxurious travel.  See "News & Events-  Events."
  • Tänukiri LEP-ESTO korraldajalt / Thank you letter from the organizers of 2013 LEP-ESTO.  Click here to read!

  • Eesti Rahva Muuseum kutsub väljaspool Eestit elavaid eesti lapsi linnalaagrisse „Kirju-mirju Eesti.“  See "News & Events-  Events."


  • Applications due April 24 for free Estonian language summer camps!  See "Learning Estonian."
  • Reception for new Music Director of the Sarasota Orchestra, Anu Tali and Estonian Ambassador Marina Kaljurand.  See "News & Events-  News." 
  • Preserve your family’s history!  Stanford University Libraries and the Museum of Occupations in Tallinn collecting Estonian expats’ family / Stanfordi Ülikooli Raamatukogu ja Okupatsioonide Muuseum Tallinnas ootavad väliseestlaste perekonnaraamatuid.  See "News & Events-  News." 
  • Estonia is CBS News Travel Editor' Peter Greenberg's first choice international pick for "Best Places to visit in 2014"! Check out the video from Saturday, January 18, 2014.
  • Tõnu Kaljuste wins a Grammy in the Best Choral Performance category for his work on Arvo Pärt’s “Adam’s Lament”! See "News & Events-  News." 
  • EANC congratulates Elin Toona Gottschalk on her recently-published memoir "Into Exile" and award from The Economist magazine. / ERKÜ õnnitleb Elin Toona Gottschalki suurepärase memuaari ning auhinna eest.  See "News & Events-  News." 
  • Estonian American Kalev H. Leetaru has been honored as one of Foreign Policy Magazine’s top 100 Global Thinkers of 2013.  See "News & Events-  News."
  • Estonian National Museum is looking for WWII and post-WWII correspondence / Eesti Rahva Muuseum otsib kirju.  See "News & Events-  News." 
  • Online Estonian Language Course for English Speakers Launched. See "Learning Estonian."


  • SkyFilm's new documentary about Laulupidu, "To Breathe As One," is now available.  Click on the link to their website, on the right-hand column, for details.


 2013 EANC Annual Meeting with guest Ambassador Marina Kaljurand


EANC members, Sept. 2012
EANC members, Sept. 2010

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