Special Events

The Mass Flight of Estonia 1944: Commemorative Sculpture

During World War 2, Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union, forcing around 80,000 Estonian citizens to flee their homes, becoming displaced persons and refugees. Many perished during their escape to the west, facing death, imprisonment, or exile in the Siberian Gulag. Despite their hardships, they sought new beginnings worldwide. Their descendants are now commemorating their sacrifices with a memorial sculpture by Elo Liiv to be erected on September 21, 2024, on the bank of the Pärnu river in Estonia, where many said their final farewells. This monument will honor all Estonians who departed during that tumultuous period.

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Singing Revolution: The Musical

Singing Revolution is a new musical with a crowd-pleasing Europop score. It tells the tale of star-crossed lovers against the beautiful, moving, and timeless true story of Estonia’s 1987 song-filled, peaceful uprising, known the world over as the “Singing Revolution” against the Soviet Union, which eventually restored the Republic of Estonia’s independence in 1991.

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ESTO|Raiser 2021

The event will also help spotlight the many Estonian businesses and talented individuals who, by their participation as donors and performers, will be able to promote their products, talents, or services.

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EV 103 Celebration 2021

As we continue to celebrate our Estonian culture and oneness, may we always remember those who came before us and all the sacrifices that have been made along the way.

Hosted by EANC, Estonian Americans from around the USA and our friends, both locally and around the world, celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. 

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