About Us

The Estonian American National Council, Inc., (EANC), is the nationally-elected central organization of Estonian Americans in the U.S. Since 1952, the Estonian American National Council supports Estonian cultural activities and organizations in the United States. We work to create awareness of and support for Estonia among all Americans and to voice the Estonian American community's support for means to ensure security and stability as well as the economic and cultural viability of the Republic of Estonia. We are proud to support and foster Estonian culture, language, history and traditions in the United States. Please join our contact list today to find out about all of our recent activities . EANC is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization sustained by voluntary, tax-deductible contributions from the Estonian American community.

The Goals of the Estonian American National Council (as stated in the EANC Constitution):

  • Represent Estonian Americans in activities designed to inform their fellow Americans about the current events, history, culture, people, and land of Estonia.
  • Provide Estonian Americans the opportunity to maintain connection to their cultural heritage and language through support of Estonian American schools, children’s camps, archives, and other organizations in the U.S. as well as foster effective communication among those organizations and Estonian Americans.
  • Develop working relationships with non-Estonian organizations that share or provide opportunities to attain EANC’s goals.
  • Provide reliable information to the U.S. government and citizens about events and issues affecting the Republic of Estonia and its people.
  • Recognize and help facilitate the work of Estonian Americans and organizations who have contributed to advancing and expanding professional, diplomatic, educational, cultural, archival, artistic, and entrepreneurial opportunities and otherwise supported the maintenance of Estonian culture and endeavors in the U.S.