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Victims of Communism Commemoration Honors Paul Goble.

The 9th annual commemoration organized by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation took place on June 9-10, 2016, culminating in a ceremony at the memorial statue in Washington DC.  The "roll call of nations" featured 20 embassies and 31 organizations representing ethnic groups who have suffered under the tyranny of communism.  Their wreaths formed a striking semicircle around the statue in honor of the victims of communism.

Paul Goble was featured as the keynote speaker at the ceremony.  Goble, who has a long career as a specialist on ethnic and religious issues in Eurasia and the Baltics, received the 2016 Truman-Regan Medal of Freedom a day earlier at a dinner organized by the Memorial Foundation.  He was the keynote speaker at that event as well as on June 10th.  

EANC representatives Marju Rink-Abel and Karin Shuey present the EANC wreath at the Victims of Communism memorial. (Photo: Ausma Tomsevics)