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Write to Your Congressperson!

Raise your voice!  Sample letter text is supplied by Matti Prima:

 Dear Congressman/woman: 

Congratulations on your recent electoral victory.  (personalize the letter in this section). 

I’m writing to draw your attention to HR 5241, introduced in the House earlier this year by Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (VA-11) and co-sponsored by Chabot (OH-1), Moran, (VA-8), Kinzinger (IL-16) Ribble (WI-8) et al.  It’s called the Crimea Annexation Non-Recognition Act, and it would prohibit the U.S. government from recognizing Russian sovereignty over Crimea.
Personally, I think this bill is important beyond its narrow scope.  I worry that until somebody draws the line in front of Putin and shows strength and commitment, this man will run roughshod over any part of the world that he covets – possibly even reassembling parts of the old USSR under his current regime.  
(If they are not already on the Baltic Caucus, see link, please ask them to kindly consider becoming part of this Caucus). 

I hope you will lend your support to this important bill and to its companion in the Senate.