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Tallinn University welcomes postgraduate students for a new MA programme 

Tallinn University welcomes postgraduate students for a new MA programme Estonian Studies

The expanding international relations of Estonia has increased global interest in the Estonian language and culture, and the willingness to promote cultural, economic and political relations with Estonia. Tallinn University School of Humanities, in cooperation with the School of Governance, Law and Society, has developed a unique MA programme Estonian Studies. The target group of the two-year programme are those who are interested in learning the Estonian language, culture, history, society and politics in English. The new programme also welcomes those who wish to acquire skills to translate Estonian literature into their native language. The programme is suitable for both those who have only a nascent knowledge of Estonia and for those who have a keen interest and wish to enhance their knowledge. Our graduates will receive a systematic knowledge of the Estonian language —Estonian language to at least B1 level—, culture, history and society allowing them to specialise in these topics. Our graduates will acquire the prerequisites to become translators of Estonian literature into foreign languages. The competences of our curriculum will enable our graduates to work either in their native country or in Estonia in the fields of cultural, economic, business relations, engage in international relations, enhance cultural dissemination and interact with any type of creative industry.  

Click here to read more about our programme and the admission requirements. 

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