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Baltic Unity Day held on Oct. 14 at Lakewood NJ Estonian House

On October 14, at the Lakewood Estonian House in New Jersey, the Joint Baltic American National Committee (JBANC) joined in celebrating the annual Baltic Unity Day commemoration.

Close to one hundred attendees from the three Baltic communities were addressed by representatives from the Baltic diplomatic corps - Consul General of Lithuania Julius Pranevičius, Latvian Ambassador to the UN Jānis Mažeiks, and Andre Lipand from the Estonian UN Mission - along with leaders of the local Baltic communities in New Jersey. Among the speakers were Karl Altau and Anna Udre, representing JBANC, who highlighted efforts in advocating in Washington, DC. The JBANC representatives stressed the importance of building coalitions to strengthen our mission, and the importance of working with Congress and expanding the Baltic Caucus.

“We’re your voice in Washington, DC,” said Altau, and explained that our contacts with congressional offices have grown. To add, JBANC has been working on reaching a wider audience to raise awareness of issues relevant to the Baltic communities by upgrading its social media presence.

“We’re analyzing data to see when our posts are most effective on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, and we’re trying to be creative with our content. Please follow our daily posts and spread the word about the work JBANC is doing on the Hill,” added Udre.

The Baltic Unity Day program also included folk-themed musical and dancing performances, including by children of the local Lithuanian and Estonian schools and Latvian performer Evija Sloka.

Please click here to see our Facebook photos from the event. Click here for a video from the event.