Schedule of U.S. Estonia 100 events

New York City

EV 100 aasta gala 31 martsil 2018/ March 31, 2018: The Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd St., New York. Contact: Tiina Vaska,


The Baltic American Society of New England (BAS) is organizing a joint Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian "Boston Baltic Centennial Celebration" event November 23-25, 2018.   Contact: Karin Varnik Barrett, 617-283-1372,


Estonia celebrates 25 years since the restoration of independence

Link to excellent article in Estonian World,, published August 19, 2016.


Registration for Estonia 100 opening event hikes begins  

The Estonia 100 centenary celebrations will begin already on 16 April of this year when we mark one hundred years from unification of the lands settled by Estonians. On this occasion, a group of professional hikers will symbolically erase the border between the former Governorate of Estonia and Governorate of Livonia. A total of 18 different hiking trails of varying length and difficulty have been marked along this former border, and organisers are inviting the first 3000 hikers registered to take part in this unique event. Registration will open on March 20th. The trails will lead to a total of 9 community centres where participants will be greeted with hot soup and a celebration. The opening event and information about the upcoming Estonia100 programme will be broadcast on Estonian Television throughout the day. 



Eesti Vabariik 100 väliseesti kultuuriühingute projektikonkurss

Eesti Vabariik 100 väliseesti kultuuriühingute projektikonkurss:

NB ! Antud projektikonkursi eelarve on 40 000 eurot, ühele projektile eraldatav toetus on kuni 8000 eurotkaasfinantseering ja/või omafinantseering peab olema vähemalt 20% eelarvest  ja projektide abikõlbulikkuse periood on kuni 11.11.16 - 31.12.2018.


Sandra Nuudi
MISA rakenduskeskuse koordinaator
Tel: 659 9855

Heilika Pikkov
EV100 ja EL eesistumise rahvusvahelise programmi haldur
Tel: 56 91 20 91


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