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Published! "Estonians in America, 1945-1995: Exiles in a Land of Promise"

History of Estonians in America Now Published !

The Estonian American National Council is pleased to announce that it is taking orders for “Estonians in America, 1945-1995: Exiles in a Land of Promise,” the history of Estonians in the United States from the time of the World War II.  The hard-cover book has over 560 pages, and provides details and photos on the history and activities of Estonian refugees, and their descendants, who came to the U.S. after Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union. 

Editor Priit Vesilind has built on the manuscript originally prepared by Mr. Enn Kõiva, with contributions by many other individuals.  Mr. Vesilind, currently a freelance writer, is a former senior writer and photojournalist for National Geographic magazine.

“Estonians in America, 1945-1995: Exiles in a Land of Promise,” is the perfect gift for your friends and family. Also consider donating a copy to your local public library, as it is an important historical reference book.

The cost is $97.50 ($90.00 plus $7.50 for regular shipping and handling.   Please use the form below to reserve your copies.  You can also pay by credit card via PayPal at a slightly higher cost to cover PayPal fees:  $100.50 including shipping and handling.  Please include your mailing address and e-mail! 

Expedited shipping is available for an additional cost: $103.60 with check, $107.00 if paying by PayPal/credit card.

Contact:  Linda Rink, EANC Executive Director: 215-546-5863, erku@estosite.org.



I wish to order ________ copies of “Estonians in America, 1945-1995: Exiles in a Land of Promise” at a cost of $97.50 per book ($90.00 plus $7.50 for regular shipping & handling) or $103.60 for expedited shipping. 

Enclosed is a check for ____________ .

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Write checks to “EANC” and send to:

Linda Rink

1420 Locust St., Suite 31N

Philadelphia PA 19102.